May 3, 2024
Easy American Truck Simulator Fix on ASUS ROG Ally

How to Launch American Truck Simulator on ROG Ally

Ally Companion walks you through on how to change some settings in the files of American Truck Simulator to get it to launch on your ROG Ally.

Brady Greenbush
Brady Greenbush

How to Fix American Truck Simulator on ROG Ally in 3 Steps

Step 1 - Go To Documents/American Truck Simulator/ then open config.cfg

2 - Change Two Settings

Replace the 1's in these string of text:

uset cf_asus_aura "1"

uset cf_razer_chroma "1"

to 0s

uset cf_asus_aura "0"

uset cf_razer_chroma "0"

Step 3 - Launch The Game

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