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May 3, 2024
Optimized Palworld Settings ROG Ally

Palworld Settings for ASUS ROG Ally

Here are optimized Palworld settings for the ROG Ally that enable you to have the best graphics and getting a solid FPS.

Brady Greenbush
Brady Greenbush

Palworld is a unique multiplayer, open-world survival and crafting game where players engage in various activities alongside mysterious creatures known as "Pals".

The game blends elements of monster-catching with survival and crafting mechanics, offering a diverse and novel gaming experience.

Players can fight, farm, build, and work in a vast open world, interacting with over 100 different monsters.

The game's core systems, including monster catching, battles, exploration, building, and crafting, are already complete.

With more than 350 items and over 70 types of buildings available, Palworld provides ample content even in its early access stage.

The developers are actively seeking community feedback to further enhance and expand the game, incorporating new monsters, areas, dungeons, buildings, and potentially new game systems based on player suggestions.

Palworld ROG Ally Game Settings

The testing was done plugged in and the ROG Ally was charging at 25w, playing at 1600x900 on the ROG Ally Z1 Extreme.

(If you do not have the option to play at 1600x900 check out this blog on how to create a 900p option in your ROG Ally settings)

This video from ROGAllyPro was played on Low, Medium & High settings.

Optimal Palworld Settings

These are the settings ROGAllyPro recommends playing Palworld at for a solid FPS and decent graphic quality.

With these settings we got between 50-60 FPS.

Questions About Palworld

Can you play Palworld now?

Yes, Palworld is currently available in early access as of January 18, 2024.

Is Palworld gonna be free?

Palworld is not free. It is priced at $29.99 during its early access period, with the possibility of a price increase at or closer to the official release.

Will Palworld be on PS5?

There is no information provided about Palworld being available on PS5.

Is there a release date for Palworld?

The early access release date for Palworld is January 18, 2024. However, the official release date has not been specified.

What can I play Palworld on?

Palworld is available on PC via Steam & Xbox.

Where can I play Palworld?

You can play Palworld on PC by purchasing it through Steam.

How many players will Palworld be?

Palworld supports multiplayer mode. In online co-op play mode, up to 4 players can play together, and a dedicated server can allow up to 32 players to play together.

Is Palworld on PlayStation?

There is no information provided about Palworld being available on PlayStation platforms.

Do pals evolve in Palworld?

The Steam page does not specifically mention if Pals evolve in the game.

Is Palworld on Gamepass?

Yes, Palworld is on Xbox Gamepass

Q: How long will Palworld be in Early Access?
A: The developers plan to keep Palworld in Early Access for at least one year, during which they will actively add content and improve game systems based on a roadmap and player feedback.

Q: Will the full version of Palworld be different from the Early Access version?
A: Yes, the full version is planned to have additional elements, including new monsters, areas, dungeons, buildings, items, and possibly new game systems, all based on player feedback and ideas.

Q: What content is currently available in Palworld's Early Access?
A: The Early Access version includes the core systems such as monster catching, battles, exploration, building, and crafting. It also features over 100 monsters, a vast open world, more than 350 items, and over 70 types of buildings.

Q: Will the price of Palworld change after Early Access?
A: The price of the game may increase at or closer to the official release.

Q: How can the community get involved in Palworld's development?
A: The developers are seeking feedback through various channels, including the Steam forums, Twitter, Discord, and other social networking sites. They plan to implement content and system improvements based on community discussions.


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