Jun 18, 2024
Top ROG Ally Power Banks

Best ROG Ally & ROG Ally X Power Bank

This blog post by us, ROG Ally Pro, is a buying guide for portable chargers compatible with ROG Ally and ROG Ally X gaming handhelds.

Brady Greenbush
Brady Greenbush

Traveling or just looking for a way to extend your play on your ROG Ally?

ROG Ally Pro dives into some of the top portable power bank picks for the ROG Ally.

We focused on three things for a power bank:

  1. Fast charging
  2. Capacity
  3. Portability

As that's really what matters when you are away from an outlet and want to play some games.

* All products linked are with our Amazon Affiliate codes, so while it comes at no additional charge to you, we get a small kickback from your purchase.

ROG Ally Portable Chargers

1 - ROG Ally & ROG Ally X Portable Charger Anker Prime Power Bank, 27,650mAh 3-Port 250W Portable Charger

The Anker Prime Power Bank is coming in at #1 on our list for being the best overall portable charger.

This Anker charger boasts a whopping 250W output, thanks to the latest PD 3.1 technology.

The charger is 6.37 x 1.96 x 2.24 inches so it will fit in most bags, and it meets the requirements of the TSA(<100Wh) to be taken on airplanes as carry-on baggage.

With 2 USB-C ports and a USB-A port, you can charge your ROG Ally X and other devices simultaneously.

This is handy if you also need to charge your phone, tablet, or other gadgets.

Overall, the Anker Prime 27650mAh Power Bank offers a great combination of high capacity, fast charging, portability, and versatility, making it a perfect choice for the ROG Ally X and ROG Ally, and why we put it at #1 on the list of best portable chargers for rog ally.

2 - ROG Ally & ROG Ally X Portable Bank INIU 140W Power Bank

Like the Anker charger on the list, this INIU portable charger has a LED screen, and it easily updates and shows you how much time it has left before being fully depleted, and how much juice it has.

This is a 27,000 mAh portable charger which boasts a 140W max output, which is great for fast charging laptops and other high-power devices like the ROG Ally or ROG Ally X.

You can take this charger on airlines as well and use it on the plane.

With 3 charging ports, including a blazing-fast PD 3.1 140W USB-C in/out port, a PD 45W USB-C fast charging port, and a trusty USB-A port, this power bank is your all-in-one charging solution.

This charger comes in at: 7.77 x 4.02 x 1.22 inches

3 - ROG Ally & ROG Ally X Portable Bank UGREEN 20000mAh 100W Power Bank

This portable charger is brought to you by UGREEN, a company that has made a lot of ROG Ally compatible accessories.

The UGREEN 20000mAh 100W Power Bank, Nexode Portable Charger boasts a 20,000mAh battery, giving your ROG Ally plenty of charges.

Advanced technology makes this battery pack shrink the battery size without compromising charging efficiency, portable and space-saving. 20% lighter than similar power banks, reducing the burden on your journey.

Equipped with two USB C ports (USB C1 100W+ USB C2 30W) and one 22.5W USB A port, this powerful 100W Power Bank fast charging can fast charge 3 devices simultaneously.


Is it okay to play ROG Ally while charging?

Yes, The ROG Ally supports bypass charging, so when you play plugged into the power bank, the battery will be completely bypassed to protect its lifespan. However, there’s one other thing you can do to retain the battery’s long-term health.

Does ROG Ally need a 100W charger?

No, however, you will need 100W to get 30W of power from the ROG Ally.

Can you charge ROG Ally with a power bank?

Yes, you can charge the ROG Ally and ROG Ally X with a power bank.

What is the best power bank for ROG Ally?

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