Jun 1, 2024
ROG Ally X Leaks

ROG Ally X Price & Specs Leaked

The ASUS ROG Ally X, a new high-end handheld gaming console with specs similar to the ROG Ally Extreme, is now available for pre-order in Taiwan for around $800, in this post we talk about more leaks.

Brady Greenbush
Brady Greenbush

The ASUS ROG Ally X, a new handheld gaming console, has been listed for pre-order in Taiwan.

It comes in at $800.

The console has around the same specs as the current ROG Ally Extreme.

This ASUS ROG Ally X includes:

Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor

24GB of LPDDR5X-7500 memory

80Wh battery

7-inch 1920x1080 120Hz VRR Touchscreen

Unlike the older ROG Ally 2023, the ROG Ally X does not have an XG Mobile port for external GPUs. However, it does come equipped with USB4 with Thunderbolt 4 support.

So far, it seems like a very small upgrade to the memory and the battery, not looking like you should upgrade your current ROG Ally Extreme, or look into getting the more affordable Extreme once the ROG Ally X comes out.

It also features the same APU, the Ryzen Z1 Extreme, so there will be very little to no performance gains.

Take a look at this video from ASUS about the ROG Ally X and what it is all about below on June 2nd


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