Jun 23, 2024
College Bowl on ROG Ally

How to Play College Bowl on ASUS ROG Ally

Calling all college football fanatics with powerful ASUS ROG Ally! This blog dives into College Bowl, the official spin-off to Legend Bowl, that lets you live the dream of managing a college football

Brady Greenbush
Brady Greenbush

Craving a deep college football experience on your powerful ASUS ROG Ally?

Look no further than College Bowl, the official spin-off to the hit game Legend Bowl, developed by Super Pixel Games.

College Bowl throws you headfirst into the passionate world of college athletics, letting you build a dynasty and lead your favorite school to gridiron glory.

College Bowl takes you beyond the pros and into the heart of college football.

Experience the thrill of managing a program, from building facilities to recruiting star players (and keeping them out of trouble!).

Key Features:

  • Deep Dynasty Mode:  Build your program from the ground up, tackling challenges like coaching goals, player discipline, transfers, and the ever-important scouting and recruiting. Can you keep your job and elevate your school to a powerhouse?
  • Customization Galore: From logos and uniforms to mascots and accessories, College Bowl lets you create the ultimate college football experience. Design your dream team and make a statement on the field.
  • Strategic Playcalling: Craft custom playbooks to exploit your team's strengths and exploit your opponent's weaknesses. Every team feels unique, so be prepared to adapt your strategy on game day.
  • Thrilling Gameplay: Experience the power of real-time physics with bone-crunching tackles and electrifying plays. Over 2,700 offensive and defensive options, including option plays and designed quarterback runs, deliver an authentic and innovative football experience.
  • How to Play College Bowl

    1 - Find the Game

    Right now, College Bowl is only available on Steam.

    2 - Add to Cart & Install

    It really is that simple, add the game to your cart, purchase, and install the game.

    That is how you can play College Bowl on the ROG Ally right now.


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