May 3, 2024
ASUS ROG Ally Game Performance Fix

Game Performance Fix on ASUS ROG Ally

In this guide we walk you through reverting the latest Windows update on your ROG Ally to get your games running great again.

Brady Greenbush
Brady Greenbush

If you're like me and updated your ROG Ally to the latest Windows update (2024-03 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Version 23H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5035853) and are experiencing horrible performance in game - welcome to the party.

But do not worry, I have a fix for you to get your games running again on your ASUS ROG Ally.

How to Revert Windows Update on ROG Ally

Step 1 - Open the Settings

Step 2 - Go to Apps

Then search up "AMD Software" and click on the three dots and scroll down to the bottom

Step 3 - Choose "Reset"

Then restart your ROG Ally and your Ally will be back an update and you can play games again

Boom, there you have it, enjoy your games once again.


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