May 3, 2024
1/29/24 Armory Crate Update

Armory Crate SE 1.4.10 Changes - ROG Ally

In Armory Crate SE's latest update, there are many changes that we discuss in this post.

Brady Greenbush
Brady Greenbush

As per the ROG discord, a new Armory Crate SE update will be coming out on January 29th, 2024.

In this 1.4.10 Armory Crate update, some notable changes are featuring several minor improvements and a convenient TDP adjustment slider. For on-the-spot TDP modifications, switch your Ally to Manual Mode. This allows you to alter SPL, SPPT, and FPPT directly from the Command Center.

The team at ROG is still testing AMD Fluid Frames and Although AMD has introduced this feature on desktop platforms, they are still conducting tests on their side.

Following these tests, the driver will need AMD's certification before its final release for ASUS ROG Ally.

What's new:

Enhancement: Quick Manual Mode adjustments for SPL, SPPT, and FPPT in the Command Center.
Enhancement: The Gyro Enable feature can now be linked to multiple buttons.
Enhancement: A "Never show again" choice is now included in the Campaign popup.
Enhancement: New Game Profiles will default to "Unassigned" in Operating Mode to avoid conflicts when altering the global Operating Mode via the Command Center.


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